The company HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH occupies a key position in the field of sealless pumps.

In addition to the standard designs, the comprehensive range of HERMETIC pumps, with canned motor pumps, magnetic drive pumps, vacuum pumps and displacement pumps includes a wide range of special designs and versions for customer specific applications.

The area of use for HERMETIC pumps ranges from fluid temperatures of –160 °C to +480 °C, system pressures of up to 120 MPa, and outputs of 1 kW to 690 kW. To date, more than 260,000 HERMETIC pumps have been used for the toughest conveying tasks, worldwide.

Our customer service includes commissioning, conversions and inspections, an assured spare parts service and a 24 hour emergency hotline.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Gundelfingen, Germany, near Freiburg. We ensure our worldwide market presence with our offices, contracted workshops and representations in over 50 countries. With the company HERMETIC Pumps Inc. USA, a dedicated service center is available to our customers in North America. We service markets in the Asiatic and Pacific region from our facility in China.

Our sectors:

chemicals / oil & gas / refrigeration technology / energy

Oour products:

Hermetically sealed centrifugal pumps

  • Canned motor pumps for use in explosion-hazard areas
    • Single stage designs
    • Multi-stage designs
    • Submerged pump designs
  • Canned motor pumps for use outside of explosion-hazard areas
    • Single stage designs
    • Multi-stage designs
  • Magnetic drive pumps
    • Single stage designs
    • Multi-stage designs

Vacuum pumps and systems

  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps
    • Designs with a mechanical seal
    • Designs with magnetic coupling
    • Designs with a canned motor
  • Vacuum systems – package units

Rotating displacement pumps

  • Gear pumps
  • Internal gear pumps
  • Rotary lobe pumps

Monitoring equipment

  • Level monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Rotor position monitoring
  • Direction-of rotation monitoring